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CoinToys - Toys That Respond to Crypto

CoinToys connected vibrator

Introducing the FreeVibe

FreeVibe is the worlds very first cryptocurrency powered sex toy. We built it with cammers and online sex workers in mind. It aims to give them more autonomy and financial freedom so they can do what they do without losing half their money to streaming platforms and payment intermediaries.

FreeVibe watches for payments made to your Bitcoin Cash wallet over WiFi. When it receives one, FreeVibe vibrates with power and duration proportional to the payment amount. See the video below for a demo!

CoinToys connected lamp.

Introducing the CoinLamp

Get instant visual notifications when you recieve a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) deposit to any wallet(s) you want to watch.

When someone makes a payment to a wallet you're watching, the lamp lights up. This makes it easy to see when you've got cash!


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